Our Story

When I was a teenager, my mom owned a small dress shop, making dresses for our highschool proms and semi-formal dances, I watched her work with fabrics like satin, taffeta and lace. I wasn’t all that interested, as I was an average teenager who had other cares. Fast forward a few years, upon discovering I was going to have a baby, I bought my own sewing machine. I’m not sure what my plan was, but I knew I needed a sewing machine.

In my over 20 years as a seamstress, I’ve created wonderful items such as baby clothes, kids toys, home decor pieces and even personal apparel. I’ve taken courses on embroidery, apparel construction and purse making. I’ve long since retired my first machine upgrading to bigger, faster and more functional equipment.

Riesling & Rose was born like many a company, out of the desire for something that couldn’t be found and a desire to create something unique. A few years ago, I was looking to buy a piece of lingerie for a milestone anniversary with my husband, nothing crazy, but I wanted a nice long nightgown; something vintage styled, classic and beautiful. I looked everywhere, what I wanted couldn’t be found. I started sketching what I wanted and expanded to a whole line of lingerie that sat in my sketchbook collecting dust. In the meantime, I took classes honing my sewing skills and took one on purse making, I was hooked! I loved the ability to create professional looking handbags and started making them for friends and family and moved forward with the launch of my Etsy shop Riesling & Rose.

While I was busy creating purses and drafting new designs, I was following all sorts of other seamstresses and creators and came across an Instagram post that caught my eye. A lingerie designer named Rosalie had posted that she would be closing her business (custom created lingerie) and moving in another direction. I had always admired her work and her history (of creating something out of necessity) was akin to mine, so I reached out to her to ask if she’d be interested in selling me her business, Rosalie Wynne Intimates. We had a chat over Google and the rest as they say, is history. Rosalie’s original line can be found in our shop, aptly named “Rosalie Collection”.

Every item is made by hand, double inspected and produced in a small Canadian studio.
Canadian sourced and chosen for sustainability, quality and environmental friendliness.
Our process puts quality first.
If we wouldn’t buy it ourselves, it doesn’t go out the door.
Our patterns are continually tested to ensure a good fit for all body shapes and sizes.

Our Commitment to You and to Our Planet

Sustainable, Thoughtful, Impactful and Health Conscious.
That’s our pledge to you and to our business.

We’re pretty big fans of Mother Earth and are not really into creating things that will harm her or you, for that matter and that’s why we’ve made a plan to become more sustainable by converting all of our future products to sustainable and human-loving fibers by the end of 2022.

We’re working with Canadian fabric companies that rely on ethical and sustainable sources for their products, require environmental certifications for their manufacturers and are working on innovative ways to reduce, reuse and divert as much material from landfills as we can.

Read on to find out more about how we plan to accomplish our goals.